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About Sildymo sprendimai' LTD

"SILDYMO SPRENDIMAI" LTD was founded in  Klaipeda in 2007.  A complex approach to the heating, plumbing and air conditioning equipment is the main key of the company's success.

"SILDYMO SPRENDIMAI" LTD can offer everything you need for installing the above-mentioned systems - from the professional advice to the selection of equipment,  installation, sales  and maintenance.

The Company has a great experience in the field of geothermal heating, appropriate choice of  boilers,trenching field collectors into ponds, rivers etc. Currently "SILDYMO SPRENDIMAI" LTD is working with six well-known European geothermal heat pumps' manufacturers  and we can offer you the right product to meet your needs anywhere in Lithuania.

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